Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss Giggles

ola there reader/s! :))

I'm Jessa Claire, not a newbie here but I came back for a reason. :))
I'll not promise to update this blog but I'll make updates if I could. :))
This first entry is entitled "Miss Giggles" just to emphasize my personality for always, yes! :))
I have made my Twitter account just today. :D
I'm starting to love it just because I made conclusions that Twitter derive it's name to my nname.. TWIT = TWITter. pfft =D

current mood: depressed
There is this thing bothering me again.
She made me like this, she's bad.. :))
I'm so mean.. :))
but inspite of this... I'm still Miss Giggles =D

anyways til here =D
see yah, when i see yah =D